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Entry of Current Teams into the NFL lists the date of entry of every NFL football team currently in the National Football League. Below you will see the dates of the birth of every NFL Franchise. See who the NFL team franchise was originally and who they are currently today.

1920 - Decatur Staleys (now Chicago Bears) and Chicago Cardinals (now Arizona Cardinals)

1921 - Green Bay Packers

1925 - New York Giants

1930 - Portsmouth-OH Spartans (now Detroit Lions)

1932 - Boston Braves (now Washington Redskins)

1933 - Philadelphia Eagles and Pittsburgh Pirates (now Pittsburgh Steelers)

1937 - Cleveland Rams (now St. Louis Rams)

1946 - Los Angeles Rams (moved from Cleveland)

1950 - Added AAFC's Cleveland Browns and San Francisco 49ers

1953 - Baltimore Colts (now Indianapolis Colts)

1960 - Dallas Cowboys

1961 - Minnesota Vikings

1966 - Atlanta Falcons

1967 - New Orleans Saints

1970 - Added AFL's Boston Patriots (now New England Patriots), Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals

(1968 expansion team), Denver Broncos, Houston Oilers (now Tennesse Titans), Kansas City Chiefs, Miami Dolphins

(1966 expansion team), New York Jets, Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers

(the AFL-NFL merger divided the league into two 13-team conferences with old-line NFL clubs Baltimore, Cleveland and Pittsburgh moving to the AFC)

1976 - Seattle Seahawks and Tampa Bay Buccaneers

1982 - Los Angeles Raiders (moved from Oakland)

1984 - Indianapolis Colts (moved from Baltimore)

1995 - Carolina Panthers , Jacksonville Jaguars , St. Louis Rams (moved from Los Angeles), Oakland Raiders (moved from Los Angeles)

1997 - Baltimore Ravens (former Cleveland Browns Team) and Tennessee Titans (moved from Houston Oilers)

1999 - Cleveland Browns

2002 - Houston Texans