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Pittsburgh Steelers Pittsburgh Steelers
Pittsburgh: Team Page · Team History · Retired Numbers · Records Coaching History · Year By Year Results · Championship History · Franchise

Pittsburgh Steelers Coaching History

Listed below is the Coaching History of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Pittsburgh Steelers Coaching History
Years Coach Record
1992-present Bill Cowher 135-83-1
1969-1991 Chuck Noll 209-156-1
1966-1968 Bill Austin 11-28-3
1965 Mike Nixon 2-12-0
1957-1964 Raymond (Buddy)Parker 51-48-6
1954-1956 Walt Kiesling 8-15-2
1952-1953 Joe Bach 11-13-0
1948-1951 Johnny Michelosen 20-26-2
1946-1947 Jock Sutherland 15-24-3
1945 Jim Leonard 2-8-0
1941-1944 Walt Kiesling 13-20-2
1941 Bert Bell 0-2-0
1941 Aldo (Buff) Donelli 0-5-0
1939-1940 Walt Kiesling 3-13-3
1937-1939 Johnny (Blood) McNally 6-19-0
1935-1936 Joe Bach 10-14-0
1934 Luby DiMelio 2-10-0
1933 Forrest (Jap) Douds 3-6-2

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