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San Francisco 49ers San Francisco 49ers
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San Francisco 49ers Records

Listed below are San Francisco 49ers Records, Firsts, Odds & Ends.

First Draft Choice, AAFC: Glenn Davis, B, Army, 1947.

First Draft Choice, NFL: Leo Nomellini, T, Minnesota, 1950.

First Regular-Season Game/AAFC: A 21-7 loss to the New York Yankees, 9/8/46.

First Regular-Season Game/NFL: A 21-17 loss to the New York Yanks, 9/17/50.

First Regular-Season Points/AAFC: A 12-yard pass from Frankie Albert to John Strzykalski, who lateraled to Len Eshmont who completed the 66-yard TD play.

First Regular-Season Points/NFL: A two-yard touchdown pass from Frankie Albert to Andy Salata.

First Winning Season/AAFC: 1946 (9-5).

First Winning Season/NFL: 1951 (7-4-1).

First Playoff Appearance/AAFC: A 17-7 victory over the New York Yankees in the 1949 AAFC Playoff game, 12/4/49.

First Playoff Appearance/NFL: A 31-27 loss to the Detroit Lions in the NFL Playoff game, 12/22/57.

First Super Bowl Appearance: A 26-21 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals in Super Bowl XVI, 1/24/82.

First All-NFL Selection: T Leo Nomellini, 1951.

First 49ers Elected to the Hall of Fame: RB Joe Perry and DT Leo Nomellini, 1969.

First 1,000-Yard Rusher: Joe Perry, 1,018 yards (1953).

First to Pass 400 Yards in a Game: Joe Montana, 408 yards vs. the St. Louis Cardinals, 11/21/82.

Most Yards Rushing, Career: Joe Perry, 8,689 yards (1948-1960, 1963).

Most Yards Passing, Career: Joe Montana, 35,124 yards (1979-1992).

Most Receptions, Career: Jerry Rice, 1,281 receptions (1985-2000).

All-Time Leading Scorer: Jerry Rice, 1,130 points (1985-2000). 

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